How You Can Earn An Easy 8-10% Interest On Your Hard Earned Money Secured By Austin, Texas, Real Estate... Without The Headaches of Dealing With Tenants!

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6:30 PM - 8:00 PM | Sullivans Steakhouse

At The Private Money Lending Dinner & Seminar, I Will Show You The Following... And Even Buy You Dinner For Attending!

  • The Exact Steps My Company, Noble Capital, Has Used In Over 400 Transactions Totaling More Than $100,000,000.00 In Order To Help Members Of Our Private Lending Network Earn 8-10% Interest On Their Money Secured By Texas Real Estate

  • Our Proven 5 'C's Of Underwriting, In Which I Will Show You The Exact Steps Required... Even Missing 1 of These Steps Could Cost You Thousands

  • What Construction Draws Are, How They Work, And When To Allocate Funds To Ensure That Your MONEY Is Always Protected and Earning You Interest

  • How To Read & Understand a Scope of Work & Budget, What a Theoretical ARV Is (and How To Obtain One), Why You Need A Construction Control Crew and More...

  • Plus, We'll Have A Live Question & Answer Session For Any Questions That You May Have About Private Money Lending And The Risks Involved

  • Don't Forget...When You Claim Your 2 Free Tickets, You Will Also Receive Instant Digital Access To "The Private Money Lending Handbook", Which Takes You Step-By-Step Through The Private Money Process

  • Disclaimers:  This event is limited to first time attendees only and all reservations are subject to qualification.  Each attendee may bring 1 spouse, partner, or guest to the event for a FREE Dinner.  Dinner will be served after the presentation and Q&A.  There is NO cost - NO obligation - NO products will be sold!  No individual tax, legal or investment advice is given... you're encouraged to seek the advise of a qualified professional. 

    WARNING: Space is limited to just 30 people and these LIVE workshops always fill up fast!  If you are serious about earning 8-10% interest on your money secured by tangible assets - don't miss this event!  Becoming a Private Money Lender may be the best thing that you do for yourself and your family this year!  Click Below To Claim Your 2 Free Tickets To The Private Money Lending Dinner & Seminar in Austin, Texas, and Remember... Dinner Is On Me!

Chris Ragland

Chris Ragland, C.O.O of Noble Capital, will be your host at the Private Money Lending Dinner & Seminar. 

Instant Digital Access To "The Private Money Lending Handbook"

Claim your seat today and you will also receive instant digital access to my step-by-step blueprint called "The Private Money Lending Handbook"...

Thursday, MAY 8th @ Sullivans Steakhouse

6:30pm - 8:00pm | Noble Capital

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