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Noble Capital serves as the conduit between the Lender and the Borrower in a Private Money Loan.

Since 2004, we have performed the pre-screening, underwriting and due diligence on the borrowers & their projects on behalf of the Private Lender Network.

The allure of our Private Lender Network is that we provide simple, high quality private lending opportunities that provide a short-term, 7-10% interest rate secured by Texas real estate.

Streamline Funding, wholly owned by Noble Capital, was founded to originate and broker loans with real estate investors on behalf of our Private Money Lenders.

If you are looking to diversify your existing investment portfolio by becoming a private money lender, watch our 12 minute Private Money Lending presentation here.

Noble Capital’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the premier Private Real Estate Lending Platforms in Texas, providing quality lending opportunities to members of our Private Lender Network.

Noble Capital’s Statement Of Values

Our core value is Candor. To us, candor simply means being direct, open and honest. In the spirit of candor, we want our clients to know that we take full responsibility for management decisions we make. We believe that relationships are build on trust and confidence and noshing is more important to us than winning and maintaining the trust and confidence of our private lenders.

Why Noble Capital’s Private Lender Network?

Private lending is when one person lends money to another.  Noble Capital serves as the conduit between the Lender and the Borrower.  What makes us unique?

  • 7-10% Interest (Yearly) Paid Monthly
  • Secured by 1st Lien Deed of Trust In Your Name
  • Short Term Loans (6-18 months)
  • Borrowers Vetted Using Trusted 5 ‘C’s of Underwriting
  • Close At Title Company
  • Loans Originated and Serviced By Noble Capital
  • Yes You Can Use Qualified Money / IRA!

What Others Are Saying About Noble Capital

Here are what Members of Noble Capital’s Private Lender Network have to say about their experiences as a private money lender:

Noble Capital In The News

Click here to view some of our most recent Press Releases

Contact Noble Capital

  • Contact Person:  Tammie Tirres
  • Phone:  512-249-2800
  • Email:

To find out more about how Private Money Lending works, click on the icon below.  You’ll get instant access to our 12 minute video & corresponding workbook.

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Any Questions About Noble Capital & The Private Money Lender Network?  Call Us Directly At 512-492-3810 Between 9am – 5pm cst M-F.

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