About Noble Capital

About Noble Capital's Private Lender Network

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Our History

Noble Capital was formed in 2004 to service & manage lender relationships. For the first six years, the company had tremendous success with the private lending program and in 2007 Noble established a commercial real estate development initiative. The company grew rapidly in pursuit of new ventures & quickly established a $30M portfolio of commercial real estate. Streamline Funding, wholly owned by Noble Capital, was founded in 2002 to originate & broker loans to private lenders.
The 2008-2010 economic meltdown had staggering effects on the portfolio and market timing could not have been worse. The downturn forced Noble Capital to scale back. During that time, the company significantly reduced staff and managed the liquidation of the commercial portfolio. The battle-hardened company is now focused exclusively on its ‘private lending’ platform. Valuable lessons learned in navigating one of our Nation’s worst economic collapses in history have positioned Noble Capital to prudently take advantage of new opportunities in the marketplace moving forward.
The mission of Noble Capital is to be Texas’ premiere Private Real Estate Lending Platform, providing quality lending opportunities to members of our Private Lender Network. We strive to be the very best at providing growth opportunities for our clients, our employees and our industry colleagues.

Our approach

Our Focus

Focused on Texas real estate markets, we have an impressive track record with a growing clientele. Noble Capital’s platform is designed to be the front and back office for our Private Lender Network membership. Our members appreciate that we’re a relationship-based company dedicated to exceptional performance and client service.

Our Team

Our employees are our foundation to building and sustaining client and industry relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We recruit and hire people who are genuinely excited about the real estate market. Noble Capital is committed to creating an innovative and dynamic environment where our employees, as well as colleagues, can grow both personally and professionally while gaining knowledge and experience.

Our Values

Noble Capital’s core value is Candor. To us, candor simply means being direct, open, & honest. In the spirit candor, we want our clients to know that we take full responsibility for management decisions we make. We believe that relationships are built on trust and confidence and nothing is more important to us than winning and maintaining the trust and confidence of our private lenders.

our staff

Jadon F. Newman is the Founder and CEO of Noble Capital Group LLC.

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